Continuing Education

Continuing Education

After becoming a certified real estate agent, title insurance agent, or appraiser, you must work on your Continuing Education or CE to renew your license. There are differing state-wise requirements to do so and to keep your license active. The guidelines are thoroughly listed by concerning state’s Real Estate Commission.

If you require continuing education or looking to become a licensed real estate professional, we can support your needs. Talk to a Clear Title and Appraisal Co. specialist and discuss the most current listings available. We are trusted CE providers in Allen and Plano but are also equipped to accommodate the needs of Dallas, Richardson, Frisco, Irving, and Plano real estate.

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Can You Skip the CE course?
Continued Education is crucial for renewing your license apart from expanding your knowledge horizon, particularly when your license is nearing expiry.
Failing to take on a relevant CE course can make your license inactive or have it suspended. This restricts you legally from selling and appraising homes, where you can also be faced with fines or other penalties. However, once you are through with your CE course, you are only removing your obstacles to obtaining a license and practicing worry-free.

Tips on Completing Your CE
Plan ahead, set your reminder, choose a relevant course online and gain learning on the go. Pick a school that gives you access to enough resources and course material. Besides, start your classes early on, so you don’t have to juggle between a hundred things. Build a schedule, so it is easy to commit to your coursework.
Also, keep in mind that there are both mandatory and elective courses, and an elective course provides you the freedom to pick courses that motivate you the most. The idea is never to stop learning, or you are only limiting your abilities and getting behind the competition. Listen to industry podcasts and read magazines or books, so when you enroll in a program, you won’t have a problem fitting in.
Besides, there are different CE requirements for different individuals. You can contact our experts for better insights on the Texas real estate continuing education criteria.

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